More BQE Info - Sufjan’s Helpers, Hula Hoops, Birds, & Rubbish

Sufjan Stevens BQE House Sparrow Hula Hoop highway detritus

To celebrate the premiere of Sufjan Stevens The BQE, Asthmatic Kitty has added four accompanying informational pieces to their site including a BQE Who’s Who, Elizbeth Meister on the official bird of the BQE (i.e., the house sparrow), an essay by Soof comparing the hula hoop with the BQE, and a detailed list of the highway’s detritus. With all of these BQE extras, you almost forget there’s a 30-minute symphony at the center of this project.

Sufjan Stevens - “The BQE [Part 3]“
Sufjan Stevens - “The BQE [Part 6]“