Demetri Martin and David Cross Do Celeb Music Blindfold Test

Demetri Martin David Cross

Comedians David Cross and Demetri Martin courageously subjected their ears to five songs of dubious worth by celebrities and had their funny reactions recorded. First up is “Respect Yourself” by Bruce Willis, for which the clever duo said the following:

Demetri Martin: It’s like they turned on everything in the studio.

David Cross: And just got professionals to cover up whoever’s shitty vocals those are and idea that is, whoever’s vanity project. Was that Bruce Willis?

Yeah, that was Bruce Willis.

David Cross: Ironically, he’s talking about respecting yourself, and he picked the absolute worst medium to get that across.

Demetri Martin: Well, that’s why it’s not called “Respect Myself.”

Make sure to check out the rest of the article and, if you’re a glutton for harmonica-laden vanity projects, check out “Respect Yourself” below. Also, you may have missed Hypeful’s previous 5 Surprising Actors Turned Musicians.

Bruce Willis - “Respect Yourself”