Help This American Life Come to a Theater Near You

This American Life Ira Glass

Here’s the deal - This American Life is planning a stage show that would be filmed and sent live—live!—via satellite to movie theaters across the country. It would include host Ira Glass performing a radio piece, never-before-seen stories and outtakes from the second season of the excellent TLA TV series, an audience Q&A via satellite with theater attendees, and much more. No other public radio program has tried this before, which makes it a very exciting event. But to make it happen, TLA needs to know if you’re interested (which you most definitely should be). TLA is asking for your input on how to craft the event by taking this very short survey (it’ll take less than two minutes).

As if you need more convincing to take the survey, here’s a trailer for the first superb season and an audio clip from last year’s live tour featuring Ira discussing “radio on TV,” his love of The O.C., and Mates of State performing The O.C.’s theme song (”California”).

Ira Glass & Mates of State - “Radio On TV and The O.C.”

This American Life TV Series First Season Trailer